Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Making mini's for mum

Hi there bloglanders

This was suppose to be my post for "mini Monday" but then all my Valentine's Day projects got in the way. Actually, I wanted to show you a layout today but the one I did, still needs a title and until I come up an original one, it will stay on my craft desk.

These are the little books I made for my mum’s friends. She is 74 years old and an eager photographer. All the pictures and quotes came from her. I did the layout in Photoshop and had it printed on ordinary paper (thicker than normal copy paper) and laminated (they are going to be used a lot!). The pages are kept together with an ordinary key ring and I added a laminated heart shape and some ribbon.  

I even gift wrapped them for my mum – tissue paper, dictionary page, ribbon and a scrap flower.  I love these flowers and will show you how I make them in tomorrow's post. All our cereal boxes gets cut up and recycled into scrap flowers.

Here they are packed and ready to be delivered- all 20 of them!

I hope you enjoyed our play date. Please check back tomorrow and we will play with the DIY scrap flowers. 

Tip of the day:  I saw the very best method to print directly onto tags today.  You can check here if you want to know too.


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