Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Layout day

Hi there bloglanders

As you know by now, I prefer to be playing with mixed media but duty comes before pleasure.  I'm here to share the layout I made this week of our camping trip earlier this month.  Actually, I used a sketch from Enmarc as inspiration. Normally, I don't do stuff like this but once you start moving around in blogland, you sort of get hooked and inspired by all your playmates.  My style is normally more pictures and less paper and trimmings but it was huge fun to try it out.

Here is my interpretation.

and this is what the sketch looked like.

I had to use two Enmarc products. (I chose the scalloped photo frame on the right and the bird on the branch on the left) I didn't even color them as they fitted in with the natural, organic look of my layout.  Nearly all the paper (except the 2 background pages) are mismatched scraps left over from other projects.  The journaling is underneath the big picture where it says "storie". (Story in Afrikaans)

And here's the story.  I'm not really a "camper".  My parents did the fly everywhere option and we stayed in hotels and ate off the menu most of the time.  My husband on the other hand, is a CAMPER!! So, we share!  Half the time we do what I'm used to and the other half we go camping and what an adventure it turned out to be.  The best one we have done up till now is the Kaokoveld in northern Namibia - you need a 4x4 and nerves of steel (and all your own food, water, pretty much everything)

In short this is what this layout is about - you never now how much you can gain by giving in to something you had set your mind against.

Hope you enjoyed my layout. Check back tomorrow and we will play some more.

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