Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scrap flowers

Hi there bloglanders

As promised, I'm here to show you how I recycle all our empty cereal boxes into flowers that I use on all my girly presents.  Yesterday I showed you the pressies I did for my mum's friends. Every one of them had one of these flowers on and they didn't cost me anything. Normally I have a whole box full but after my mum's gifts and my Christmas presents my box is empty and I have to start all over. When the box is full, I keep looking at them - they look like jewels to me!

Without further ado.

  1. When I have time and scraps, I punch and cut them up - ready to be used or to be given away for multimedia projects.
  2. I flatten all our boxes and use them for mini books and die cuts whenever I need them. Normally I will glue a piece of scrap paper (in this case an old dictionary page) onto the printed side of the recycled carton and then punch out my shape.  This makes a nice and sturdy shape. (It's like making my own thickers)
  3. I choose a few shapes and sizes; add a little ink to the edges and a button for the middle.
  4. Before I add the button, I punch two holes into the middle of the flower and then I thread the twine through the holes and the buttons simultaneously.  Tie the twine with a knot or a bow.
  5.  Ready to be used whenever needed.
  6. This is my jewelry box - now full of scraps but by next week I'll have a whole new batch of jewels in there.
Well, that's it for today. Thanks for playing with. Tomorrow we'll play "tag" again.

Toy of the day: Reuse, recycle and repurpose. This makes scrapping so much cheaper and more worthwhile.

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  1. we think so much alike...i have a stack of scraps and old cereal boxes as well!