Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Playing with my albums

Hi there bloglanders

As promised, I'm sharing a layout today. Nothing special about a layout - not like a mini album or hybrid project which inspires you but to me as an album maker - the most important part of keeping my family's memories alive.  Maybe there is something wrong with me but I always feel that photos and layouts are only important to the people whose memories it represent.

Last year I tried to do 52 projects and it worked very well - I kept pictures and descriptions of everything but missed the story behind what I've done. That is why I started this blog - to motivate me to get things done / keep record of it / and share with you if you want to play with. Still, my albums are the most important part of all this.

To make my layout a bit more interesting to my playmates, I shall add the story behind it. We have a 19-year-old cat and every time I look at her I feel truly blessed that she is still with us.  She was a birthday present for my son's 5th birthday.  He is 24 years old now and living on his own but Tossel (Afrikaans for pompom) stayed with me as I work from home and therefore have much more time to spend with her. When I sew, she is lying on the sewing table, when I scrap, she is on the layout, when I work in the office, she is on the computer. Everything I do, Tossel does. (OK, she doesn't like swimming)

When I go for my daily walk around the park, Tossel will sit in front of our gate and wait for me. These pictures of her sitting there patiently were taken by my husband and I decided to dedicate a whole page to them. Nothing special about my layout but I will always love the story behind it. Hope you did as well.

Tomorrow I'm onto my systems and will show you a vacation mini album. Please come back to play!


  1. Lovin' my visits with you and the stories you tell. ; D

  2. You can come and play anytime! Love your toys.