Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mini Folders

Hi there Bloglanders

I'm still sitting detention (snowed under with office work) but I have a quick project to show that will reduce your stash and tidy up your desk.  I only used paper I had left over from other projects or old one sided paper that I'll never use.  The white pages is recycled copy paper from the office.

This is what my finished folder looks like:

First I cut the paper off cuts to size and practised my stamping on some of them.

I used half a sheet of cardstock and scored and folded it. For the front I just traced the pattern onto the cardstock and cut it out with my scissors.  To close the folder, I added a string clasp (home made out of a punched out circle) and some eyelets. (you can just punch holes, it will work fine)

I inserted my pages, added a colored one for the front (with a border I punched out) and punched holes through the folder and pages simultaneously with my office punch.  Everything is kept together with an office clip that I bought from our local stationary shop.

The one on top is for my own desk and I made 3 more for pressies.

Packed and ready to be given away.

What I really like about this folder, is that you can refill it once you have used all the blank pages.  I use it all the time for notes and when I refill, I go through all of them, trow away what will never be used and file the rest away in personal or business files. Much better than notes that always gets lost!

Back to detention for me!  Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and remember, tomorrow is the 29th - if you want to propose, get cracking on your speech.

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