Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Tag

Hi there bloglanders

I actually had today's post ready when I came upon this challenge and as always I'm up for it!  I love twine but the black, pink and white colour scheme didn't suit my style.  So, the only thing I do in colour schemes I don't like, is cards.  Therefore, please bear with me as I'm posting another "tag" today. Here is the challenge brief.

I actually learned something from this challenge!  I have tried to do stitching with twine before but it is always looks too chunky.  This time I divided the strands and used only the pink one for the stitching.  I'm planning to do another card with the white strands that are left. 

Even though my play date was short and sweet today, I hope you enjoyed it and that it will inspire you to think out of the toy box next time you look at twine. Please check back tomorrow. Have a great Monday!


  1. So glad you joined in on the challenge, Hazel! The butterflies with The Twinery trail is so cute!

  2. Oh how cute!!!! LOVE the trail behind the butterflies--a fabulous card! :)

  3. LOL! So funny that the only thing you do with a color story you don't like is a card. It's probably the last thing that I do which would explain my take over in the PDCC DT gallery. Tee hee! But you've done such a great job with it! LOVE that little, winding trail! And your bit of twine is the perfect, finishing touch! Thanks so much for playing along with us this week at The Play Date Cafe!

    1. At least when I have a card I can give it to someone who loves the color scheme. It's perfect for my son's girlfriend - all her fave's. I ended up making a set of 4 as the twine had 4 strands and I hate to waste anything. So, I'm organized for the next 4 birthdays and / or I'll be giving them asay as a set. I also use a lot of these cards as covers for little notebooks. This one will be perfect of a girly notebook. Come back to play at my blog and I will do a follow-up on the butterfly cards!

  4. This is just lovely, the trail looks great and those little butterflies are so pretty! Thanks so much for joining in the fun with us over at The Play Date Cafe!