Friday, February 10, 2012

It's all in the cards

Hi there bloglanders

As I told you before, I’m not a “cardie” but it is such a nice, small project to exercise your creative ideas on that it’s growing on me.  I’m still a “taggie” but have extended my repertoire to ATC sized cards (they are a bit bigger for a message at the back) and even if I do bigger cards, I use them as front pages for mini albums. While I’m experimenting, my stash is growing!

Today I’m sharing with you two small cards I’ve made for my Christmas present stash as well as one I’ve entered in the Enmarc card challenge here. It was a lot of fun creating this and I didn’t use a lot of goodies, - only toys that I already have and scraps from my stash. The pink one is going to be converted into a mini notebook for my son’s girlfriend (the princess) for Valentine’s Day. I’m still working on an idea for my other son’s girlfriend but as I call her sunshine, it will probably be something a bit more yellowish.

The idea for "hi" came from here.  Mine isn't nearly as sophisticated as Alexandra's but it was great fun to make. I used normal white paper as I didn’t have anything else in my stash.  The watercolor paint is from 20+ years ago when my son was still crafty. (Only cars and computers now)

The idea for "A little bird told me" came from a shop bought card and I only used the toys I already have – stamps and some scraps.

What a versatile title that is - "A little bird told me" that
- it's your birthday
- you are going on a trip
- you are feeling sad
- you have moved into a new house
I'm sure you can come up with a lot more than that.

Time to say goodbye to blogland.  Hope you enjoyed our play date.  Please check back.  I will be posting some of my weekend creativity when its done. Until then, Play as U Go!

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